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ASX Announcements

Date added: 23/02/2016    Mt Ringwood Maiden Drilling Program    pdf 631.37 kB

Date added: 29/01/2016    December 2015 Quarterly Report    pdf 7.32 MB

Date added: 21/01/2016    Change of Company Secretary    pdf 138.22 kB

Date added: 07/01/2016    Further high grade rock chips - Mt Ringwood Gold Project    pdf 1.14 MB

Date added: 30/12/2015    Appendix 3B    pdf 136.18 kB

Date added: 30/12/2015    Appendix 3Y - Change of Directors Interest    pdf 38.74 kB

Date added: 24/12/2015    Notice pursuant to s708A(5)(e)    pdf 78.28 kB

Date added: 24/12/2015    Appendix 3B - New Issue Announcement    pdf 143.36 kB

Date added: 22/12/2015    Results from Share Purchase Plan    pdf 83.05 kB

Date added: 22/12/2015    Western Gawler Craton Project Update    pdf 82.85 kB

Date added: 14/12/2015    Drilling Commenced at EM Target - Western Gawler Craton Target    pdf 1.29 MB

Date added: 14/12/2015    SPP Letter to Shareholders    pdf 112.59 kB

Date added: 10/12/2015    Extension of Share Purchase Plan    pdf 77.87 kB

Date added: 10/12/2015    Significant Target Outlined at Western Gawler Craton Project    pdf 1.99 MB

Date added: 07/12/2015    High-Grade Gold up to 382 g/t Recorded    pdf 1.32 MB

Date added: 01/12/2015    Phar Lap IOCG Drilling Program Commenced    pdf 314.05 kB

Date added: 30/11/2015    High-Grade Rock Chips Recorded    pdf 4.22 MB

Date added: 30/11/2015    Share Purchase Plan Documents    pdf 573.32 kB

Date added: 19/11/2015    Share Purchase Plan    pdf 83.66 kB

Date added: 17/11/2015    Managing Director Position Update    pdf 76.98 kB



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